Monday, April 1, 2013

Asthma (Kyoto XCVII)

So, it turns out I've developed an asthma of some sorts while being here. Living whole my life almost free of any allergies this came as a small shock. My bet is it's from the tatami mold found in this apartment few weeks ago. Could be something else too. Lots of exciting particles float about in this city air, I'm sure! But at least now I've got some right medication so I can breathe easier and not feel nauseous all the time. Maybe get something done too. Right now I miss the clean air and water of Finland though.

Currently trying to find a new apartment, again. And then doing the same thing (+studio) in Finland once I get back later this year. Not fun at the moment but at least sometimes I see something entertaining like dancing maikos or something. Stress and relief are the two ends of the pulsating daily life it seems, but to be honest I would rather have to stress about making good paintings and then having a reward in the form of success in my work, than worrying about finding an apartment in a different country just before returning and then trying to relax at weekends through something supposedly entertaining.

Like the air and water, I want to go back to basics in my daily life too. This dream called "Japan"... maybe in the countryside it would make more sense, I don't know. But now the view is cluttered with things to take in, not giving a chance for outlet enough. I wouldn't call that breathing.

Through ups and downs I strive to focus on the vision that is revealed on a piece of paper. Just trying to keep that in mind and breathe calmly to avoid hyperventilation.

Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro -festival three weeks ago:

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