Sunday, October 13, 2013


I returned to my parents' place in Central Finland after living in Japan exactly for two years. My spent time in Japan feels like a far away... image, although I know it was very real and life changing time for me. But the illusion is strong after continuing from the same season and almost exactly the same date +2 years when I left. The change from Japan to Finland is big. From noise and people to peace and solitude. What I missed still shocks me. 

Nature changes slow here. In two years time the biggest events happen in the micro level in a different rhythm it seems. I have to adapt back to this new rhythm. This is the purifying of the senses. I have to learn to see and listen on a different frequency again.

I will continue updating the photos from Japan since July in the future when I have the time. Now preparing for moving to a new home in southern Finland. More on that later.

Kuhmoinen, October 10th:

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