Monday, July 2, 2012

Fleeing landscapes (Hakone III)

Last day in Hakone a week ago. Beautiful grass fields in Sengokuhara, Pola Art Museum and shinkansen back to Kyoto.

Places, places. I enjoy the view, yet it stays only as a view to be observed behind a fence or in a frame. The air and soil is shared with the landscape, but without entering the space properly. Before coming to Japan, my paintings held the idea of destroying the image. It has been my own process of getting rid of images through working on them. Now the same mentality continues in my drawings here and it gets ever more stronger in my daily life as the living environment is not easy for eyes. Exotic and detailed as Japan is for a person like me, I still get numbingly overwhelmed of it as if it was my first day here.

I'm still a visitor passing through something ungraspable. It escapes my eyes and my feet stain the ground. With camera we try to own, with pencil to touch.

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