Saturday, January 12, 2013

Differing dawns (Kyushu V)

The final day: An early wake up and run to a nearby castle hill to welcome the sun. Then hells of Kannawa (different kinds of steamy pools of hot water). Steamy food and a chat with local elderly in a foot bath (without water) and a bus to Beppu downtown. Saw the sea once again (the sea last year: here) and took a fast and really hot bath in Takegawara -onsen house before jumping into the bus back home. The next dawn opens views into bleak and rainy highways and city scapes of Osaka and Kyoto: it's a long way from the ethereal mountain vistas of Yufuin and Kannawa, a total contrast to the morning before. I'm back to the second level of my dream in Japan.

Differing dawns:

And the whole story:

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