Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kyoto streets IX (Kyoto LXXVI)

So I slowly woke up after that dreamy trip and started thinking about this year. Started painting after a long time, it felt good. I'm still documenting Kyoto like before in photos too. Maybe I'll upload my paintings here later.

Dreaming by profession and then seeing the busy Japanese society bustling around makes me feel ever more detached from this place and its people. Sometimes I feel if I should take part and also be going somewhere in a hurry. Or at least look like I'm not wasting any more time enjoying when it's not meant to be enjoyable, or paying any more attention to the small everyday observations of life around or dedicating days for conversations with a dead fly. I feel kind of a guilt of an observer not being an actor - like sitting in the audience for too long. But then I realize I'm acting through observing and remember my duty: to look around and dream, dream, dream. And it's a privilege to share my views as a full time observer and visions as a professional seer. From now on I shall see and share more and contribute without the need to justify my way.

Photography stops slow time from falling into decay, prevents rapid moments from passing unnoticed. Wings stop the flutter but stay suspended up in the sky for the time being. And I can't save but the image of you.

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