Friday, March 8, 2013

Behind the horizon, under the skin

So here we are... didn't see this coming a year and half ago when first setting my foot on Japan: making exhibitions here. What first started as a couple of months trip to Japan, turned out to be a bit longer journey. And now I'm painting here and even having an exhibition. The first one will be a rather small when it comes to quantity of works yet enormous in meaning as showing my work, not just making, is like stepping out to the stage and revealing what kind of things occupy my mind. Sharing one's view through art is always an intimate event. This small gesture will fulfill a big circle. And give start to a new one.

Welcome to my first exhibition in Japan!

Behind the horizon, under the skin
Reima Nevalainen - Paintings and drawings
ETW cafe&gallery, 4th - 17th March

Open 12.00-25.00. Closed on Tuesdays.

京都府京都市左京区川端通り丸 太町下ル下堤町82恵美須ビル 2F
最寄り駅 神宮丸太町2番出口

Nearest station (Keihan line) Jingu Marutamachi (Exit no. 2, second floor, above club Metro) 


Please stay for a drink.

This exhibition has been supported by the Arts promotion Centre Finland.

Special thanks to Hal Udell for the flyer design!

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