Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mountain expedition

Yesterday me and Hayashi-san went to a little trip around Komoro-city. First we went up to the mountain Asama and then back down to the city center. It was breathtaking to see the altitude of the mountains around here. Turns out there is a hotel by a cliff near the summit. Photos can't possibly do justice to the view, you have to use your imagination. Autumn colors (Kōyō) are getting more visible when going up. It's a fade from green to brownish yellow. First time standing on a volcano. You can actually see Fuji from there if the weather's clear but this time it was blocked by the clouds. It's behind the clouds about right in the center of the 6th photo. It's insane. Just look from a map the distance between Asama-yama and Fuji-yama. It's something like 100km.

Surprisingly it gets warm up in the mountains. The road slithers like a snake up and down the slope. The forest covering the mountain is like a well kept park. Why is everything growing so...pleasantly?

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