Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Drawing with feet (Kyoto IV)

What to do today...

Just get up, go out, walk around, come back after sunset, lie down, see dreams. Repeat 7 times a week. I'm not traveling, I'm supposed to live here and settle down. But this is still a road. There is no destination and the direction I took is now unclear. Walking in circles and back and forth. I tell my feet to turn, to get lost.

It's the opposite of before: now I use my feet, not my hands. Maybe I'm drawing something on a map. Maybe it's just scribbles... it sure feels like it. It's time to get a bearing, to plan another Japan experience, but I'm tired. Oh Japan, you wore me out.

Sanjo street

Shijo street

Home street

Dinner is served.

My room.

The view from my room

Places around home

Gojo street.

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