Thursday, November 17, 2011

To live and leave (Kyoto I)

So, now I'm living here in Kyoto. Got myself a beautiful apartment since Monday and it's near the center (if the center is where the biggest shopping streets are (?)). Living my dream I guess. Still loving every inch of Kyoto. Yeah, I could get used to this. Now I'm thinking if I want to stay in Japan til June if I went to a language school. It's as tempting as it's expensive. Once in a life time situation though. Once I go back to Finland, I have to start working on a bigger solo exhibition. So not sure when I'm able to come back here. To live here, or to leave here.

Feels good to be here. That's all I can say. Most of the other places I've seen, I've visited just for once. Coming back here after a couple of weeks feels a lot longer period. So much happened after I left this place. I feel relieved that it's still here. It wasn't a dream. This place didn't vanish while I was looking at the other direction.

These photos are from walks around my new home town. Expect to see lots of photos from Kyoto in my future posts too. But maybe more infrequently than before.

Two cities.

Three girls hovering through the streets.

Paintings hanging secretly in a small shrine by a cemetery. Shivers across my spine.

Ghost horse staring at the viewer.

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