Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hiroshima blues

My day in Hiroshima.. or more like Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

The history is present. Long park and the river banks full of school children. And it's a hot day. So hot I have to try to find a cover fast from the sun glowing above. It's a flat and big park. After seeing the park and the museum and other sites around the children start to run after me to do their 'talk to a foreigner' -schoolwork in English. I do more than 10 of these interviews and trying to avoid the children running after me with their hands stretched out I escape Hiroshima.

I leave Hiroshima with my backpack and pockets full of paper cranes. The story behind the origami cranes is that if you fold 1000 of them you will be granted a wish. One sad but famous story I learned about the cranes in the museum was Sadako Sasaki's. Read it from Wikipedia.

After I got back to Miyajimaguchi, I went straight to Miyajima to clear my head. I had Hiroshima blues.

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