Saturday, November 5, 2011

Maximizing time (Nagasaki I)

How to maximize time? How to cut time into smaller and smaller pieces? How to take those pieces and fill them with so much pressure that when thrown into air they explode into one big slow motion thunderbolt? How not to miss that unique glimpse of light?

I’m in some dark park in Fukuoka at night. I’m getting lost in Nagasaki. I try to breathe in Hiroshima. I’m alone, an outsider, gaijin. People fly past me ­like houses past Shinkansen. So many stories under the roofs, under the surface. I’m just visiting. I feel like I’m examining a deep sea. I could dedicate my whole life to pondering and describing what I see in this unknown world. I could even try to live here with great effort and some complex life-sustaining equipment. But I’d be eternally captured in a bubble to be able to just exist, wanted or not. I’d always be an observer, bystander.

Still, it's a magical moment when the bubble bursts for a moment and I realize I'm actually breathing and able to swim around without problems. Sometimes I dance without hindrances. It could be a dream.

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