Friday, November 4, 2011

Jet lag luck

I decided to go to Fukuoka after Miyajimaguchi (28.-31.10.).

It's all a dream now. I hope to be able to slow down soon. Just when I'm about to learn the basic layout of the city I'm in, I leave to another place. Just when I find some kindred spirits I leave them behind. Traveling alone is a lonely road.

Again I just walked, wandered around. Trying to find a way, but realized I'm not going anywhere. It's just the earth spinning below me. So I went along but without destination. The space normally for transition is now where I'm spinning.

There's something in the air. It's like electricity but it doesn't come from the glowing lights of the cities' nightlife. It's the tension of the common need to share thoughts and open heart. In public places this need is visible on most faces with the pressure growing so big it numbs everyone. So if you don't find a smooth situation to break the ice you're destined to being with yourself only. I'm still to learn how to do it.

Good situations came my way, good people. But my timing is bad. I'm in the right place but wrong time. It's like my luck for running into the same minded has a jet lag. When I come around, I manage just to get a glimpse of something great. Then I'm off to somewhere else to get another glimpse.

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