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Regional weather

These are some of the landscapes you get when taking a bus from Nagano to Kyoto. This time it took 7 and half hours. I left at 5 am and saw the dawn between 6 and 7 am. I fell asleep in the end and woke up one hour before coming to Kyoto: lots of snow for 15 minutes (see photos below, those with and after the black car), and then it vanished completely 0,5h before coming to Kyoto (the last photo is through my room's window.). Weather changes a lot between regions and also in short time. One day you freeze like never before (I'm from Finland, you remember) and the other it's like a nice and warm pre-autumn day in my home country.

I'm trying to adapt to the cold but it really gets hard when I can't get warm in my own apartment after a day out there. Only options are to go to a bar, cafe, department store or museums if you want to rise your core temperature so you're not shaking all the time. Because once the cold gets into your bones, it's hard to get warm again and I don't have proper layers of fat in my body. Seems like I'm spending this winter sitting under an air conditioner. Gonna look like a raisin after this. I wonder what would a South European person have to say if one stayed in this room at this time? Or a South American? Would they listen to the explanation that it's cold everywhere in Kyoto?

Had a level test in my new language school yesterday. I will get to know the results in Tuesday. A strange situation to take a test to a language you've never properly studied. Will I ever learn it. I'm lucky I don't have to learn it, I just want to.