Saturday, December 31, 2011

Clouds freeze to halt (Kyoto XIV)

Now clouds freeze to halt 
and I try to keep the blood flowing,
my arteries are high ways til late of night
Still the cold goes to the marrows of my bones
Different machines to keep us warm, but in vain
Only hands intertwined create a protective jungle

I close my eyes, I see the sun rising
I open my eyes, I see dreams coming true
I close my eyes, I see myself leaving
I open my eyes, I see eyes closing
I close my eyes, to keep on flying

Going to a beautiful place (Nara # 4)

What are the things that make one feel like home in a strange place?

There is something in the air.
The elements of déjà vu.
In the light, in the light.
Sensory field intruded.
Keeping me alert. 

Drawing a day - 30