Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blanket mountains [Kyoto streets XLIV (Kyoto CXLII)]

Blinding light over the blanket mountains. Another day but the taste of concrete remains. Walking the day to sleep. I surrender to the stubborn city.

Kyoto, July 29th - August 1st:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tired midnight streets [Kyoto streets XLIII (Kyoto CXLI)]

I realized now after few months since I returned that I'm quite satisfied how I spent my time in Japan. While living there I was worried if I was making the most out of it, since towards the end I sometimes had difficulties venturing outside. Looking back now I can see the bigger picture. Luckily I can say that everything was in its right place, even though I had my doubts during the hard times.

I can hear a soothing sound in my photos that relieves all the worries concerning those times and how I spent them. Now only the silence remains. I feel confident that I found my own path out of the million options. The only one that led me here to this conclusion and realization couldn't have been a different one.

It's also satisfying that I could paint and draw in Japan. Those works are exceptionally dear to me now and I feel because of the environment I made them in, they encapsulated some of the spirit, the undercurrent I came to look for and found in Japan. It's the ambient sound and the color of the light in the spaces between, in the ancient forests, in the sleeping mountains, in the silent temple gardens and in the tired midnight streets.

Around downtown Kyoto, July 28th: