Friday, March 27, 2015

Ghosts with insomnia [Kyoto streets XLVIII (Kyoto CXLIX)]

In few months two years have passed since I returned from Japan. After returning I got busy with painting and going through the photos was put on hiatus. Just in time for my 31st birthday I finally finished this long process a couple of days ago. Starting from now, I'll slowly upload these two year old photos of Japan from mid August to the beginning of October 2013.

Like everything has to come to an end, everything has to reach a closure. I left Japan so my time there came to an end but I wonder if I will ever really find a closure for that period in my life. Although the power of memory saturated photos has sometimes been too strong to go back to, without closing this chapter symbolically in my photo journal at least, I feel like I'm creating ghosts with insomnia. This is the least I can do to put those lost parts of me to rest, but I'm pretty sure I'm stuck in these small windows for good.

Half here, half there, my home is somewhere.

Around Kyoto, August 13th-18th 2013: