Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A signpost pointing back home

Sometimes views turn into visions and revelations. Memory provides a soundtrack and nostalgia frames the image with a meaning. I've had the memory playing on loop in my mind now for as long I've been here: at summer night I swim in the lake that my parents live by back in the Finnish countryside. All I hear in the dark is my breathing and the sound of water. My hands sink into the mirror like green of the cool depths of the lake while I make my way back shore, slowly towards a lonely orange light in the night. There are fish swimming under me. They are of silver, muscle and teeth, but at dark nights, filled with peace and good intentions. Have you ever been swimming in the middle of an empty lake like that?

I found a signpost pointing back home in the form of a swan swimming in the dark green waters of the Hikone castle moat a month ago.

A trip to Hikone: