Friday, November 30, 2012

Drawing a day - 365

Small circles complete bigger ones. This is the final piece for the Drawing a day -series that has been going on now for 365 days. A year in Japan. In addition to photography, daily drawing has offered a way to record life from a different perspective. And more than stopping movement in an observation it has been a way to move. 

Well, it isn't my first time drawing, but being here in an alien environment without a studio and possibilities to work like I normally would, this restriction of just using a pen and a piece of paper turned out to be a great opportunity. It's been both an opportunity to refine my visual language, as it was a crucial way to survive as an alien. When the new and otherness grows unbearable, a page in the sketch book opens up a vast field dedicated for speaking in my own words. I have a voice and it stays with me.

At the moment I'm planning on making this series into a book but I will upload more drawings and other things here in the future too, but not on daily basis... for a while at least. Thank you for watching. I drew a day.

It's never as it was - 
the land of,
roots and seeds and 
missing limbs, where
the rotting chrysalis hum in the buds' moaning

For sure it's the last step into the verdure of sounds,
Through the paper, out of the image.

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