Saturday, December 1, 2012

Space between objects

A daytrip to Hino, Shiga. Saw lots of places: Yukiyama, Tarobou -san (in Higashiomi), Hinogawa-dam (Hino) and Eigenji -temple (Higashiomi).

I like seeing more this side of Japan. I notice being more relaxed when not bombarded by culture (even though it's by no means hard to find in the country side of Japan either). But still, there's more space for one's mind to breathe. Less things around is always a good thing. Space is always better than objects in it. Hard to understand people who get bored of the space between objects or the time between something happening. Hard to stop being entertained, interested and distressed. 

Special thanks to Rikako-san for driving us around her hometown!

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