Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Setsubun I (Kyoto LXXIX)

Saturday's (2.2.) Setsubun (the end of winter) celebrations in Mibu-dera, close to my apartment in Omiya, Kyoto. Saw a Kyogen play at the temple (traditional pantomime). Inspiring. A woman, a shaman and a demon. The demon gets clever, masks himself and with magic hammer makes lots of kimonos for the woman to seduce her. Woman plays smart too or just greedy, she makes the demon drink a lot of sake and when he falls asleep she strips his mask and kimono, to rob him (?). In the end the demon gets beans in his face and thrown out of the house. The woman won because of her greed. 

I know also another story with a woman and a demon, but in that one the woman loses everything because of her greed. The demon also kind of loses but wins in the end. Oh, woe mankind!

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