Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kyoto streets XXVII (Kyoto CXVI)

The last months have passed quickly. When updating the blog I can't think of anything to say as my head is full of fermenting thoughts. I'm aware about having my last weeks of Japan ahead of me. But I'm ready to move on now. Feeling homesick I wander the streets recording the last glimpses of Kyoto. Feeling sick of home I try to force myself outside of this tiny room and face the constant noise and paralyzing heat. Well, what would the Japan experience be without having been a hikikomori.

Still, wherever I loiter I'm trying to realize what has happened. I'm still lost, but maybe on a different path than before coming here. Now I know my destination is where this two year exodus started. I need to return.

Around Omiya, Kyoto, June 5th.

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