Monday, November 25, 2013

Silent home run

After two years of Japan it was time to return to Finland and settle down to a new home. I was selected to be the next artist to an artist house in the city of Porvoo. So now I know for sure that this will be my home for the next few years. Moving into a big old house in a town I didn't know anyone was an interesting but lonely experience. It's been a silent home run.

Now after one month I'm beginning to learn the ropes of surviving in this new but familiar environment. The road took me all the way here through Japan, to a new start. Now it's time to start painting for my solo and group exhibitions that will be on a year from now. I feel honored to be given these great opportunities, it's time to show if it's in me. Thank you for taking me here.

This is my new home.

Porvoo, Finland, October 27th - November 11th:

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