Saturday, January 11, 2014

The painting is happening now [Kyoto streets XLI (Kyoto CXXXIII)]

Now that I've settled down to my new home town of Porvoo and found my working routine, I'm painting for this year's exhibitions in Finland. In the coming autumn I'll have a solo exhibition in Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki and I'll take part in a group exhibition called Synti in the new annex of the Serlachius museum in Mänttä. More info later. The painting is happening now and it seems I'm not able to produce hardly any text or concentrate on much anything else. Getting neurotic with the images, forgetting things.

Meanwhile I keep going through the photos from Japan. Below are more photos of the days when I had my second exhibition in Kyoto last year. Places so familiar mixing with dreams already.

Kyoto, July 17th-19th:

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