Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fresh-woven nerves (London I)

The long silence in updating the blog is because I've been fully concentrating on painting and also because I took a spring break.. from everything. Now getting back to work after enjoying the long-time-no-see sun and a short trip to London. The winter was getting gloomy and the reverse culture shock from returning back to Finland after Japan took its toll as well. 

Now that the light is returning to this land and blood is flowing from the brain to the eyes and fingers again, I feel as if I grow with the new life upwards, the flora sprouting alongside my fresh-woven nerves. From the dirt to the light. Such is the sentiment spring evokes at least. Seasons and weather, topics of the most trivial kind, but after six months of the same with just small variations, a sudden sunny day or a trip to a country with earlier spring can have life changing consequences.

Helsinki-London, April 3rd:

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