Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Miami # 4

On the last minute my gallerist in Finland manages to get us to a hotel that promises to stay open through the storm. Still uncertain about the hotels after the experience with the first one, but at least we have a place to go to. If this didn't happen, the trip would have gotten much darker. Now there was some light at the end of the tunnel, and sleep. Not that I wouldn't wake up at 6 am every morning.

After hanging the exhibition, we move to the new hotel with our luggage and water bottles (all 20 of them). Water and other necessities like dry foods are hard to come by at the groceries at that moment. So we bring everything with us even though we hear the hotel is well prepared. Relieved but a bit nervous we arrive to the hotel. We are glad to realize the hotel actually seems prepared and functional.

Staying on 32nd floor, our room has a view to the Miami bay and the Atlantic, the entrance for the hurricane. On our expedition walks around the area we notice many weather reporters making their news stories about the nearing hurricane in the vicinity of the hotel. Later we learn our hotel is one of those accommodating the news people adding to the relief that we'll be fine. Even people living in nearby areas come to the hotel for safety. Still the rooms get sold out soon and people have to find somewhere else to stay. Some even try to offer over the price to get in but can't. It dawns on us: we are very lucky to get the room!

Special thanks to Kiira!

 Around Downtown Miami, Sep 7th

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