Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Proof (Japan 2018/5)

While it's still snowing in Finland, the sun finally comes out here and we go towards summer in high speed. Soon to bloom trees and the mild temperatures make me feel like we've walked into an image and crossed a border to the other side. The sun rises above white horizons, not blue. Camellias and magnolias shine in the dark.

Without physical limitations or sensations, I could walk around Kyoto around the clock, full of energy I thought I'd lost. This seems like the dream I've had so many times since returning back, trying to find my long lost friends in the city to no avail.

But people recognize me here, a proof I'm not looking at this from outside. And I've found my friends. The dream is gone now and the horizon is still white.

Kyoto, March 23rd-24th 2018

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