Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fingertips (Tokyo IV)

Asakusa and the sea of umbrellas. A very impressive exhibition of Chuzaburo Tanaka's collection of Boro in Amuse museum, hundred years old patched clothes from northern Japan that are passed down many generations. Read more here. Very touching exhibition with interesting descriptions and other texts. An intellectually deep experience. Something I didn't expect from that kind of an exhibition.

Later that evening: Battles in Shibuya AX. You can almost see me jumping about on the left side in the front here. That night was the perfect ending for my travels inside Japan before moving to Kyoto. From their fingertips left music that felt like all I had seen and felt during past month.

Sounds of umbrellas rubbing to each other and crows over temple gates. Light rain and heavy history. In my mind trying to visualize naked families sleeping together in one giant blanket during hard winters. The feel and weight of clothes in my hands with tens of layers, like paintings. Layers of time, generations, sweat, work, pain and growth. 

Sweet anticipation. Lights, no camera, action! Hammer banging my skull, detaching my dry cement brain from the bone. They tell me and I listen, like a good boy should. Familiar songs transforming from sound into a feeling across the spine and nervous system. And walking back to the hostel I feel damaged and high raised at the same time. I was moved through streets.

Boots with the bottom made of salmon skin. 

Dog fur coat.

Some of the collections clothes were used in Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, in the great village festival scene.

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