Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot water and sand in Beppu

Not much to comment about Beppu. I can see somebody loving this place and just going crazy with all the baths. This was my first proper onsen, had even a sandbath in an old traditional bath house. Yeah, I like it, it's nice, I guess. Not totally loving hot places though so I'd imagine there are lots of Finnish people who would appreciate this more.

Tried to cool myself with ocean breeze. No luck. It's hot and humid. My hostel room smells like ume. Mountains watch me from around the town, somehow I feel uneasy and unwanted here. Maybe it's the visitor status again that haunts me. Ok, you win. I leave. My Kyushu visit is over.

I'm writing this from Osaka. Came here today (yesterday, it's 0.30). I'm exhausted. The change from Beppu to Osaka... phew. Later about that.

My first sight in Beppu. The hot water is everywhere.

Second sight in Beppu.

One day this will be trivial to me. Not yet.

Saw this beach in my dreams actually at least a year ago.

An old bath house called Takegawara onsen. My first one.

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