Friday, February 10, 2012

Between far away houses (Kyoto XVI)

I wanted to go to Kyoto tower for so long. And finally I got to see my home city from above. I felt like being in a plane and started thinking about last October when I got here and the day I finally have to leave here. Or could the same happen to me that has happened to so many foreigners: some day I just wake up, and I've stayed ten years in Japan. That happens around here. I wouldn't mind spending several years here.

So here's photos about looking far. I improvised and experimented on this super-telezoom found on the spot. It's exiting to see things happen live at the same time but on the other side of the city - no wires between. I feel like I'm witnessing this city and these days. Just living day by day is my mission. I just have to be here. Rest is happening by itself, I am made to make effort to this direction and then this. 

Some day somebody else watches me from that tower, following me being pushed and pulled by the wind, seemingly swinging without destination but evermore sure about the direction. And everything is in it's right place. I swim in the river of people and soon vanish in the masses, becoming one of the lives between far away houses. Thank you for witnessing me.


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