Friday, September 6, 2013

Crowds of forests (Kurama III, Kyoto CXXVII)

This time Kurama-temple was already closed upon arrival. So instead of stepping in and going down to the hairy cellar (there's a spooky cellar with small labyrinth made from shelves of jars with human hair in them), it was time to take another break and rest in the vast landscape of Kyoto's turquoise mountains. In the photos 4, 5 and 6 you can see the Mt. Hiei - another holy mountain and home to the famous Tendai monastery, Enryakuji. I plan to go there again some sunny day before returning to Finland. The first visit to Hiei-zan in November 2012 can be seen here. After Kurama-temple, it's time to start descending to the village below.

In the mountains there's only the overpopulation of trees, the crowds of forests. Even the human made structures seem to have roots deep in the soil. They're growing slowly into new forms.

Kurama, Kyoto, June 29th:

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