Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pressure under our feet (Kyushu IV)

Day four: More steam! A short visit to nearby Myoban area. Huts in the style of Kamakura era and an onsen in one of those. The weather and visibility change in a blink of an eye up there. Turn your head for a second and when you look back there's a mountain wall in front of you emerging from the fog. The steam mixes with clouds. Or is this the origin of the clouds. I don't know. It feels like there's a huge pressure under our feet waiting. Is the crust enough to hold it sleeping? Impossible to anthropomorphise nature and imagine reading it's mind when the face is fleeing in the form of clouds. Back in Kannawa: boiled toes in foot bath, the town of cats and a vantage point over the city.

The smoke mixes with steam and forms clouds. Back home my jacket still smells sulfur. Alchemy and memory keep me warm.

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