Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zooming behind the mountains (Kyushu I)

A 5 day trip to Beppu and Yufuin, Oita prefecture, Kyushu. Day one: a 12 hour night bus from Kyoto to Beppu, in the next morning a bus over the mountains from Beppu to Yufuin, a walk in Yufuin and then taxi from Yufuin to Tsukahara, to the hotel Shikian. The best travel experience ever. Amazing landscapes, good people, nice food and lots of onsen (hot bath). And more than anything: peace. Took 3000 photos. This is the first patch, stay tuned for more in the coming days!

The saddest thing is a city seen from afar. Widen the perspective and more lives are crammed into the view. But zoom behind the mountains and a straw waving in the fog is plenty.

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