Saturday, October 15, 2011


Arriving to Naoshima

It’s quite exciting to arrive to an island for the first time when it’s dark. Like arriving to a magic world or another dimension it got dark like in half an hour during our boat trip from Uno. We had a walk around the town of Tsumuura where our hostel was located. Local okonomiyaki restaurant was a great place to revive two weary travelers. Okonomiyaki, yaki soba -noodles and butter fried squid made us happy campers. Good thing I get to see these small Japanese villages too. There's something in the air.

Next day the last pieces of my mind were finally blown away.

Notice the arrow.

Before stepping into the boat.

After maybe 15 minutes?!?

If you ever wondered where the sun sets.

Butter fried squid.

The town's asleep.

A cat exhibition in the dark.

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