Sunday, October 23, 2011

You have obtained: Japan Rail Pass!

Today we went to Nagano-city. I exchanged my Japan Rail Pass, so starting tomorrow I've got 3 weeks to travel as much as I like with Shinkansen (bullet trains), JR buses, boats and whatnot. Our Nagano day was success: Rail Pass, Zenko-ji temple, good soba and walking in downtown. Only negative thing was our clothing which was way too much for the weather. Oddly enough it got warmer when we got out of Komoro, again (Nagano is north from Komoro). Japan's weather is still a mystery to me and hard to adjust to. Small steps, small steps.

I should go to bed, it's soon midnight and we've got an early start tomorrow as we go to Karuizawa and I'll leave from there with Shinkansen to Kyoto. I've got to change train in Tokyo so we'll see how it goes (I'm gonna be on my own and Tokyo sounds scary..). I'll just upload some photos before bed. Maybe have to divide Nagano to two posts, some good things were caught on... well, SD card.

So tomorrow hopefully: Kyoto. See you there!

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