Monday, October 17, 2011

Two big ones

It took 7 hours to get to Nagano from Kyoto by a bus. 7 long hours, but luckily the landscapes aren't bad here up north either.

I'm going to rest here a couple of days and then activate my 3 weeks Japan Rail Pass and travel just by myself around Japan. Maybe first back to Kyoto (yes, I like it there) and then to Hiroshima. We'll see. Haven't had time to plan my next steps. Tomorrow I'll go visit Karuizawa. Small town nearby I hardly know anything about.

It's surprising to see the effects of too little dreaming and too much real life sensory bombardment. It's been a relief to come here and stay out of the fireworks for a while to catch a breath.

The photos below are from Sanjusangendo -temple and Kiyomizu -temple and it's surroundings before leaving to Nagano. Sanjusangendo has 1001 gilded Kannon- and 28 guardian -statues in one big hall and Kiyomizudera is probably the most visited place in Kyoto. Both stunning, again. Oh, Kyoto...

You do not want to use this road to get to Kiyomizudera. Instead try to find the cemetery path (see photos 8.,9. and 10.)

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