Friday, December 2, 2011

Drawing a day - 1

In short: it's been an insane ride. And I don't mean just Japan, but the whole process of getting to this point. Making it this far is something of an closure to a long period of time in my book. All the time circles tend to come full, from the smallest lasting just seconds to the years long eras. If there's any quest comparable to religion in my life, it's to make circles come full. Small full circles form big circles. And looking back all the completed circles that led me to this point, to here... it makes my head spin out of satisfaction.

To feel content, one must have discontent. And if I've lived my life to the fullest to get here, to Japan and Kyoto, looking forward makes me wonder: how to live your life fullest in Kyoto? Because the feeling of coming full circle is emptiness. And to get a move on again I must see the reality even better, to absorb the vitality from dissatisfaction and defects, the gravity of existence that keeps the soles of my feet glued to earth. Dream coming true is not the end and now a new circle appears, a huge one. And it's mine to draw all the way from the smallest step I take in the morning to get up, to enormous revelations given by the otherness around me and the imperfection of the life... lived to the fullest.

I got an idea of posting one drawing/day from now on for an indefinite time. These are made in Japan. I have lots of photos from this journey but for the most part photos and words can't achieve the essence of what's going on. Well, neither can my drawings if one is to take them literally. It's different kind of documentation about being here. For me the place and time of making these are weaved into the line. It's a human figure as a landscape.

But the idea of documentation isn't the main purpose for drawing. It's more of an outlet for the mixture of stuff that you collect inside subconsciously. It has to come out somehow. This is how it comes out today.

Full life is not something grand, it's about the small things. So when I'm getting used to this that used to be the biggest thing for me, that is getting here, I compress my observation to the smallest of things to make life grand: self. But it's not something about me personally. I trust this to be universal and it comes through me by being honest to myself. With confidence I can say that if I listen to that part of me, I listen to that part of you. And yet we sound different. It's just a matter of locating that streaming part of us in me.

Sorry for the not so good quality of the photos. So here we go, number one:

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