Friday, December 16, 2011

Empty if not shared (Kyoto XII)

It's time I showed some photos again. These days I have been applying for student visa and the Japanese language school. The process was frustrating and surprisingly complicated. But now I'm in the school and I have visa for the whole next year. The school starts in January. There are still many things I need to do settling down to Kyoto as a resident. But I'm getting there.. In the end, everything works out somehow. It's just the waiting that sucks.

I walk asleep in thoughts, all I see is a dream. Thousands of faces to record, no panic in the sea of people. I swim through the stream of talking creatures, locating myself to the furthermost corner, hiding behind the back of potential. I observe and learn the basics of human behavior: for the first time I eat, for the first time I talk and for the first time I walk.

I take part with my thought processes, I work more than ever... without studio. There's not much I can offer, but I try to contribute to this delicate dance. I do my part and minimize the overgrowth of sounds, making conscious effort of keeping my steps soft. But keeping feet in the air makes me influenced by the wind and being mindful makes mind full. To change to a human being I'm striving to find my body and stop being a spirit. To have a voice I find questions I could have answers to and empty my mind to new found friends'. And it's never too late to descent under the ground where life is oozing from. Nature is the common ground, a link back to where I came from.

This city is full of culture, people and revelations, but it´s empty if not shared. I see people broken by the city, forgotten in the strangest places, under cardboard and artificial fur. Being content with small details, but knowing that every day and night something big could happen, this is the common dream.



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