Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Autumn colors I (Kyoto X)

Through Maruyama park to Chion-in temple. The autumn leaves are blooming bright. It's an important every year ritual to come to see those leaves to scenic spots and take as many photos of them as possible with high end camera equipment. So I decided to try out that tradition too.

At the moment I have applied to the language school here (and been accepted). Now I'm waiting for the immigration office to make their decision concerning my study visa application. In a week or so I know if I stay here until next summer. So I might get to see the cherry blossoms after all. I'm not finished with this country yet but I am tired. I can't complain, but I would if I could. I never expected this to be all fun, it's been a surprisingly tough trip mentally (physically too). I've been walking constantly for almost two months now. The effect is the same in body and mind. It's like walking in an image not able to affect to. 

But it sure is a beautiful image.

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