Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Omihachiman, Shiga

Ōmihachiman is a city in Shiga, near Kyoto and next to Japan's biggest lake, Biwa-ko.

A mountain, a cable car, a temple, a shrine, a reflection, a water drop, a smile, a gust of cold air and a golden background in the end. Mix them together later, I try to remember. And I do, I still have cold feet and runny nose. I didn't leave any trail when I turned back and returned home. But did I leave a trail to air or somebody's mind, I don't know. Memory is a test of understanding gusts of cold air and the distances between. The time flows elsewhere too, across the hills.

Fun fact: ""Hachiman" is the Shinto god of war. Ironically, from the western point of view, his symbol is the dove."
- Wikipedia

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